About us

Standardized Spanish learning programs are ineffective. Our tailored plan with individualized attention ensures your success.

Who we are?

Hola Everyone is a social enterprise that helps people to become fluent in Spanish. We are based in Vancouver, Canada.

Our mission is to provide a platform to the Spanish language learners around the globe where they can enjoy high-quality authentic Spanish instruction for real-daily life.

Our desire is to see you speaking Spanish confidently and efficiently.

Meet the Founder

Anabel Lopez, the founder of Hola Everyone, executed this social venture at the 2019 Refugee Livelihood Lab, a project of RADIUS at Simon Fraser University.

Anabel has been teaching Spanish in the United States and Canada since 2008. Teaching Spanish while exploring the diversity and complexity of the Mexican culture has been a real passion for Anabel and a true desire to see her students improve their Spanish and cultural competence.

Our goal

Our goal is to better our communities and lives in the process. As a social enterprise, we provide FREE group lessons to our valued men and women that provide essential services (healthcare, educators, social service workers, police officers and so on). These organizations may connect us to people who want to study or improve their Spanish. 

If you represent an organization that may benefit from our FREE lessons, please send us an email at community@holaeveryone.com

Our Approach

Spanish for Healthcare Professionals

Custom learning for your needs

Do you want to get ready for conversations in the real world? Do you want to learn the basics of perfecting your grammar for personal or professional use? 

You’re at the right place! We can help you meet your goals!

Our private Spanish tutoring, with professional teachers, is built around your specific goals, interest and current level of comprehension.  

Get fast-track progress by joining the only platform  that supports your language goals.

Lessons to get you fluent

Our conversation lessons are built for real world fluency! 

Our teachers are qualified to meet your learning needs. No more boring and useless theory, apps or university courses.

In your first lesson, your teacher will ask you about the topics you would like to focus on. Examples of conversation topics are culture, politics, literature, technology, travel, health, investment, global warming, TED Talks, raising bilingual children, etc.

No more boring theory, you will learn Spanish by “doing”.

Meet Your Teachers

Get to know some of our incredible tutors

Jessika Ramos

Social, Travel & Medical Spanish

Oaxaca 🇲🇽

Jessica earned a Bachelor’s in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language at Universidad Autónoma “Benito Juárez” de Oaxaca, Mexico. Jessika has been teaching Spanish for over 10 years, which she loves as it allows her to share about her culture and language to the world. The focus of her classes can be both communicative and grammatical, where students will develop all four skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking).

Jessika loves dancing and visiting different communities from which she learns customs and traditions.

Cruz Aracely

Social & Medical Spanish

Oaxaca 🇲🇽

Cruz earned a Bachelor’s in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language at Universidad Autónoma “Benito Juárez” de Oaxaca, Mexico. Cruz has over 9 years of experience teaching Spanish and English. Cruz enjoys not only teaching Spanish to people visiting the city of Oaxaca but she also loves combining art with Spanish.

When Cruz is not working, she enjoys long walks with her family. She also loves exploring cultural events happening throughout the state of Oaxaca.

Gladys Reyes

Social, Travel & Medical Spanish

Oaxaca 🇲🇽

Gladys graduated with a B.A. in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language. She has over 15 years of experience teaching Spanish for all levels. She loves her job and is very patient. She truly enjoys to teach everything related to her language, such as culture, traditions, customs and gastronomy.

When Gladys is not teaching, she enjoys traveling and cooking. 

Anabel Lopez

Social and Travel Spanish

Vancouver 🇨🇦

Anabel earned a Bachelor’s in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language at Universidad Autónoma “Benito Juárez” de Oaxaca, Mexico. Anabel has lived in the U.S.A. and in Canada for the last 11 years which has given her the chance to be familiar with the North American culture to better understand her students’ needs. Anabel’s Spanish lessons are focused on the interests and needs of the student she is working with. Anabel’s classes while focused on improving conversation skills, generally cover the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

When Anabel is not teaching, she loves hiking and traveling around the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Anahi del Sol

Social and Travel Spanish


Anahi graduated from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) with a Bachelor’s degree in law. Anahi recently completed a visiting research fellowship at the Paris-Sorbonne University. Her interest in education and her love for traveling brings her unique perspectives to being a Hola Everyone tutor. In her classes, Anahi really gets to know her students through meaningful conversations. Anahi focuses on subjects that are interesting and varied to expand vocabulary and increase students’ confidence in addressing multiple subjects. 

When Anahi is not studying or teaching, she loves visiting small towns and discovering new foods.

Carmen Fortanell

Social, Travel & Medical Spanish

Mexico City 🇲🇽

Carmen has over ten years of experience working as a nurse technician in Mexico City. However, she loves sharing about her culture and also has experience teaching Spanish in Vancouver, BC, where she has been interacting with Spanish learners since 2018. This has given her the opportunity to better understand her student’s needs as a Hola Everyone tutor. Although, at Hola Everyone we focus on conversational Spanish, Carmen encourages students to experience the four language skills during her classes. 

When Carmen is not teaching, she loves traveling, doing yoga and exploring the great outdoors of Mexico City or British Columbia.

Standardized Spanish learning programs are ineffective.
Our individualized attention ensures your success.


Hola Everyone was created with a keen desire to improve the lives of people and create endless career opportunities for Mexican professionals.

Additionally, when you take Spanish classes with Hola Everyone, you are also helping homeless dogs in Mexico. That’s because 10% of our profits support the care and/or adoption of homeless dogs in Oaxaca. We take pride in working with APA OAX, HUELLAS SIN HOGAR and TEO TAILS. 

Unfortunately, these organizations are always short of funds,
and your support can help and allow them to:


those animals in need

Provide medical care

to those in need


foster placements

Offer free

spay / neuter services

If you want to support these organizations, you can also reach out to them or send us an email at community@holaeveryone.com.

🐶 Rescue groups, please contact us to learn how Hola Everyone can help you!


Yes. Hola Everyone gives you a 100% guarantee on this. We have  world-class certified teachers to teach you Spanish and enhance your proficiency. 

Yes, you can get the same teacher. However, Hola Everyone offers you the flexibility to change teachers if you want to. If you choose our unlimited packages, you can have lessons with up to 2 different teachers.

Please be rest assured that after joining Hola Everyone, you will be in the best  professional hands for learning Spanish. Our tutors are, talented, friendly, and reliable that maintain a  high standard of teaching. All tutors have a vast experience of teaching Spanish and/or living abroad. 

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