is this you?

A professional,

with a passion to serve humanity and connect with clients/patients on a personal level, and not being able to communicate in Spanish acts as a barrier for you?

A new immigrant

in a Spanish-speaking country who wants to become fluent in Spanish to live like a native?

A person who loves to travel

to Spanish-speaking countries and crave to learn about the Latin culture and traditions?

Looking to immerse yourself

and explore language through culture, food and sustainability? We have an immersion program in colonial Mexico for you!


Authentic immersion experience that takes YOU beyond the classroom!

Oaxaca Immersion Program

Online Spanish Conversation Lessons


For every student that chooses our services, we donate 10% of your fees to support the following animal rescue organizations in Oaxaca: HUELLAS SIN HOGAR AND TEO TAILS.

our immersion program is a Socially & Environmentally responsible program

Your money will support indigenous women, children, NGOs 🐕 and rural communities.


Our programs will help you improve your career by becoming fluent in one of the most spoken languages in the world! 

MEET THE creator

Anabel Lopez, the founder, is also a language learner just like you! 

Anabel understands the frustration of not being able to speak a second language fluently even after years of grammar lessons. 

Anabel has been teaching Spanish as a foreign language in the United States and Canada since 2008. Teaching Spanish and the Mexican culture has been a real passion for Anabel and a true desire to see her students improve their Spanish and cultural competence.

Hola Everyone is a social enterprise that was born with the desire to hear you speaking Spanish confidently and also contribute to building a more just and sustainable environment.

Highlights from oaxaca!

want a little nudge? See What Our Students Say...

“ I've had a great experience relearning my broken Spanish. Virna was my selected teacher, and we've had many great conversations. They provide materials to learn about popular topics utilized in everyday conversation. ”


Kiyong Kim
Business Owner - United States

“I've been using this service for over 6 months. It's been a game changer. I was struggling speaking Spanish. After working with Anna, I feel much more confident speaking. My favorite part is that we cover so many different topics that relate to my work and also every day topics. I highly recommend this service! No one does it better. ♥”

Rochelle Ceballos
Business Owner - United States

“Lessons with Hola Everyone make my day happier! It is so much fun to learn with my teacher, she really cares if I am progressing.”


Jill Cohen
High School teacher - Ohio, United States


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