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🌟 Welcome to Hola Everyone Spanish Academy's Abuelitos Cultural Learning Program! 🌟

At Hola Everyone, we believe in the power of language and culture to unite generations. Our heartwarming initiative, the Abuelitos Cultural Learning Program, invites seniors in our community to embark on a journey of discovery and connection.

👵 Why Join Us?

Discover the richness of the Spanish language and culture from the comfort of your home. Our weekly 50-minute sessions, conducted via Zoom or Google Meet, provide a vibrant space for cultural exploration, laughter, and shared experiences.

🎓 What We Offer:

Free Cultural Lessons

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Spanish language through engaging lessons crafted just for you.

Interactive Sessions

Connect with fellow abuelitos, share stories, and enjoy interactive activities that make learning enjoyable and memorable.

Welcoming Community

Become a cherished part of our learning community, where every voice is valued, and friendships flourish.


native teachers

🌈 Embrace the Joy of Learning, Abuelitos Style!

Ready to embark on a cultural journey?

Sign up today and let the vibrant world of Spanish language and culture unfold before you.

Wednesdays @ 5:00pm PST

👀 Classes are 50 minutes long
👀 Class times are Vancouver Time (PST - Pacific Time)

🌟 The Heart Behind Our Abuelitos Cultural Learning Program 🌟

At Hola Everyone Spanish Academy, our mission goes beyond language education – it's about creating inclusive spaces where everyone feels the warmth of community. Our Abuelitos Cultural Learning Program is a heartfelt initiative born out of love and respect for our elders.


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