Spanish Fluency Club

Before we tell you about our Spanish Fluency Club, IS THIS YOU?

A person who loves Spanish

and wants to communicate fluently in this beautiful language?

A professional,

with a passion to serve humanity and connect with clients/patients on a personal level, and not being able to communicate in Spanish acts as a barrier for you?

A person who loves to travel

to Spanish-speaking countries and crave to learn about the Latin culture and traditions?

A new immigrant

in a Spanish-speaking country who wants to become fluent in Spanish to live like a native?

An advanced or intermediate

student have been taking Spanish lessons for years but still not able to have fluent conversations?

You are in the right place!!!!
Hola Everyone offers you unlimited live, teacher lead group Spanish lessons so you can learn Spanish the right way!

How it works

Are you tired of taking Spanish grammar classes for years but still not able to speak the language? Learning grammar is obviously the first step but the goal is to have real conversations for the real world. 

To improve Spanish speaking, the best thing to do is to talk with a native speaker.

Spanish Tutor This is why at Hola Everyone every month you get access to unlimited Spanish lessons, some will cover advanced grammar but most of them are conversation lessons that will get you feeling more confident talking. 

What makes us so unique?

World-Class Native Spanish Teachers

All teachers are native Spanish speakers, that are determined to help you enhance your Spanish proficiency 

Materials Provided

Materials such as newspaper articles, TED Talks, movies, information from the internet, pictures, or videos are used in order to stimulate discussions

Weekly Cultural Activities

We create a realistic environment for you so you can practice Spanish and immerse yourself in the culture

Structured Learning Plan

We offer you a roadmap with a structured learning plan.  

100% Unlimited

You can choose to have unlimited lessons.

Multiple Teachers

We give you access to multiple teachers so you can either experience different accents or stick to your favorite one – Choice is yours! 


Cultural tips from Latin America and Spain


Dream Job and retirement 


All about real life! Let’s talk about family and friends


Real life conversation topics


Learn Spanish with movies                                 




Cultural tips from Latin America and Spain


Learn Spanish with stories and songs


Master Advanced Spanish structures           


Master Advanced Spanish structures


Learn Spanish with art                                 


More real life conversation topics! 

Fees and Structure

Get quality, small-group lessons at affordable prices. Each online lesson lasts 50 minutes.


CA $109/mo

1 month payment


1 month of unlimited lessons

Dozens of lessons every month

Small groups (max 6 students) 

Cancel anytime

Fast Immersion

CA $89/mo

3 month payment


3 months of unlimited lessons

20% off regular price 

Dozens of lessons every month

Small groups (max 6 students) 

Cancel anytime

Total: $267 CA

Save $60

Total Immersion

CA $69/mo

12 month payment


12 months of unlimited lessons

40% off the regular price 

Dozens of lessons every month

Small groups (max 6 students) 

Cancel anytime

Save $480

want a little nudge? See What Our Students Say...

“ I've had a great experience relearning my broken Spanish. Virna was my selected teacher, and we've had many great conversations. They provide materials to learn about popular topics utilized in everyday conversation. ”

Kiyong Kim Business Owner - United States

“I've been using this service for over 6 months. It's been a game changer. I was struggling speaking Spanish. After working with Anna, I feel much more confident speaking. My favorite part is that we cover so many different topics that relate to my work and also every day topics. I highly recommend this service! No one does it better. ♥”

Rochelle Ceballos Business Owner - United States

“Lessons with Hola Everyone make my day happier! It is so much fun to learn with my teacher, she really cares if I am progressing.”

Jill Cohen High School teacher - Ohio, United States

Still thinking about it?

Imagine Your Life with Spanish

Career Success ~ Travel and Fun with Spanish ~ Make New Friends and Connections

Speaking Spanish will give you the FREEDOM to travel and the CONFIDENCE to start a conversation with anyone in any Spanish-speaking country. It will allow you to EXPERIENCE other cultures from the inside.

100% money-back guarantee.

For your peace of mind, we guarantee 100% money back if you are not happy with your lessons. We have so much confidence in our certified Spanish tutors that if you don’t think we provided a great first lesson, we will refund your payment.


🐕  For every student that chooses our services, we donate 10% of your fees to support the following animal rescue organizations in Oaxaca: PATITAS FELICES OAXACA 🐶.


Yes! You can take unlimited group lessons. We recommend scheduling your classes in advance to ensure you lock in your spot.

Yes, we provide face-to-face group sessions in the greater Vancouver area of beautiful British Columbia, Canada. For more information, please contact us at

We do not have a trial class option with the group classes.

The classes are scheduled for Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 16:00 PM (PST), and are for Intermediate/Upper Intermediate students only.

That option is not possible at this moment. Anabel and Jessika (two of our most popular teachers) are the only ones teaching group lessons at this moment. When we offer more group classes, there will be more teachers available.

Each class has a specific topic of conversation. You will rapidly improve your pronunciation and learn new vocabulary/expressions in Spanish. You will also meet people from all over the world who also love Spanish!

If you need to cancel, just email us at Please email us at least 48 hours before the end of the month.

We have a very transparent refund policy.

If you decide to stop your Online Spanish Club after taking the first one, we will refund the whole amount paid. If later, you decide to stop your lessons within 30 days of purchase and will not attend the rest of the purchased lessons, you are entitled to a refund for the classes you have not completed. Hola Everyone will charge a flat fee of $9 per small group class completed. The remainder fee will be refunded within 3 business days.